Practice AReas


Real Estate- Commercial/Investment​. Our office has extensive experience in real estate matters.  We can  provide legal assistance with purchasing (contract negotiation and  management, guidance with due diligence and loan acquisition and  negotiation), owning, managing, protecting, and selling real property,  examples of projects include easement negotiation, drafting and dispute  resolution, distressed/defaulted loan negotiations, defeasance, 1031  exchanges, title issues, drafting of title documents, etc.

Landlord/Tenant​.  Our office has extensive experience assisting both landlords and  tenants in lease negotiations and drafting of leases for retail, office,  warehouse, mixed use and other commercial property types, as well as  assisting with lease dispute resolution.  

Corporate and Business Law.  Tailored consultations in a whole scope of issues from business  formation to sale, succession planning, partition actions, or wind up  and dissolution. These include but are not limited to: business entity  selection and formation (limited liability companies, corporations,  partnerships and other entity forms for general business and  professionals); purchase and sale of business; business operations  advising, including entity and employee management, business planning,  commercial leases, business loan document advising, business buy-sell  agreements; succession planning, business wind-ups; and consultations  regarding ADA compliance.

Contract Law​.  General business and real property law contract drafting, review, and  dispute resolution.  If you have a contract issue, we can review your  contract and give you an overview of your legal rights and  responsibilities. We can also assist in creating contracts that will  plan for known issues and concerns in your particular area of business.

Estate Planning and Administration​​.   Whether it be preparing of living trusts, wills, durable powers of  attorney or advance health care directives, our office takes a  customized approach to the estate planning process in order to achieve  the specific goals of the individual. Since our practice extends to  business matters and family law, we are able to provide clients with a  holistic view of their issues to cover all concerns in a given  situation.  The guidance we provide can be as minimal as providing an  overview of tasks that need to happen after a loved one dies or as  extensive as reviewing all the estate matters and managing the  resolution of the estate to final distributions and closing.

Coordination with Other Professionals.  Our office also works with the client’s chosen investment, brokerage,  tax or other professional to assist individuals in all aspects of  representation, whether it is a business matter, real estate matter, or  working through the difficult time after a love one passes, in  administering their estate.

​​Notary Services.

Se habla Español:  Ayuda legal profesional en su idioma. Nuestro bufete de abogados puede  ayudar con la compra, venta o posesión de un negocio. Podemos ayudarlo a  redactar un testamento o fideocomiso. O podemos ayudar con los  divorcios, la custodia de los hijos, asuntos de manutención infantil.